Yet another Bitcoin Fork.

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Yet another Bitcoin Fork.

A utility cryptocurrency with the userbase of BTC based on DAG with instant transactions and 0 fees. Join the discussion at https://t.me/joinchat/Djug9ESgAjnKsHoVYbdFsg on Telegram or https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2729365.0
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    How exactly do you want to ensure instant transactions should the network grow?
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    @PrivateGER We are currently evaluating our basing choices. Although I think rebasing upon RaiBlocks will be a good choice. Of course we will have to fix some aspects of it if we intend to make a utility currency out of it and incentivise full nodes.
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    Another choice could be Bitshares, because of their high-performance DPoS consensus. And it's tested more, because it's working on Bitshares and STEEM for long time now, with more than 1M tx/day.
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    Can I just ask, why though? What do you hope to gain from another bitcoin fork?
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    Response, Dogecoin
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    Let's call it devCoin!
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    @illusion466 The fork we propose isn't about making Bitcoin better in some sense. Our sole intention of calling it a BTC fork is to have an initial mass following.
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    @Eleos We are currently calling it NEXT.
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    @ksdme That's not exactly what I meant. There are already countless cryptocurrencies and none of them are used for their intended purpose.

    I can only assume your intention is to make a new currency, hold some of the coins yourself, and hope that the cryptocurrency bandwagon blesses the coins with extreme wealth. Which I personally think is a scam, and a dangerous one for you at that.
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    Your assumption is wrong. Anyone (with abilities) can make a fork of BTC, and we don't know if it will have any value.
    In the same way you can call any fork of BTC, that's a scam.
    A scam - means, we are fooling people into something. We are proposing just another way of scaling for Peer-to-peer network. Scam is a bitconnect. Scam isn't any cryptocurrency, which is on the market with valid blockchain. A lot of maybe don't have purpose - but market is valuating, if it has a sense or not.

    BTC fork has one main feature against, creating crypto from the ground up - you have a lot of users, and it's quite efficiently distributed. People are gaining free coins, and they can sell them on market, so they can dump price to 0.
    Also exchanges are more keen on entering a fork.
    Main reason a lot of very good concept, aren't in spotlight are about exchanges.
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    @muf18 "People are gaining free coins, and they can sell them on market"
    This is the issue though, right? People don't just gain free wealth from nothing, that's not how currencies work, and it's exactly why cryptocurrencies will never have mainstream adoption
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