Hacker's player: a music player that runs in the cmd

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Hacker's player: a music player that runs in the cmd

Wanna listen to music while looking like an hacker ? Search no further ! Now you can listen to music from the terminal ! There is a simple text ui: currently playing *Name of the file* [## ] 0:20/1:15 Controls: Space: pause/play R: toggle repeat mode Left/Right: rewind/forward 5 seconds Z: previous song X: next song C: change color M: minimixe/maximize H: show help It plays files trought args: HackerPlayer.exe someFile.mp3 : plays a file HackerPlayer.exe someFile.mp3 someFile2.mp3 ... : creates a playlist with the files HackerPlayer.exe C:...\someFolder\ : creates a playlist with the files of the folder HackerPlayer.exe playlist.txt\m3u : Loads a playlist from a text file (one file each line, only local files) pretty much that's it, barebones but it does its job. (Of course any contribution is welcome)
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C# (.net framework), Naudio
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    You might get some more ideas from CMUS (https://cmus.github.io)
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    I'd like to help, is it on github?
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    @j4cobgarby not yet, if i have time i'll start working on it today
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    @fun2code idk i think making it from scratch would be easier since I'm unfamiliar with c++ on Linux.

    Unfortunately looks like naudio is not fully supported on Linux, this might end up being windows only
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    Many years ago I used to use cubic player.
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    Sounds cool.i would definitely use it.
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    I've started working on it, the basic player works, today I'll add playlists and a file explorer, the ui management is still wip. As soon as i get home I'll upload it to GitHub.
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    Right now it just opens a file and plays it.
    Idk what you mean with configurable, but it's open source, if something's missing you're welcome to implement it :P
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    Ok so, i've finished a basic playlist support, now it works.
    you can get both the source and the first working build here: https://github.com/exelix11/...

    Please keep in mind that i did this in less than 2 days and tested it by myself, so it's pretty barebones and there might be some bugs. if you find a way to consistently crash it, open an issue on github or tell me here.
    Also if you'd like to contribute remember that I'm not a full time dev and i tried my best to keep the code clean (or at least readable :P )

    Still i think it works good for me, so from now on i'm going to use it as my music player :D
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    You could extend it with the music api from Apple so you’re able to run Apple Music too
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    @bcye Why tho, just use itunes, anyway i don't use it so probably not.
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    @Floydian go to the releases tab on GitHub, download the zip and unpack it.
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