An app for high school students that allows for chatting and receiving help, and organizing meetups after graduation.

Project Type
Open source idea

An app for high school students that allows for chatting and receiving help, and organizing meetups after graduation.

This app would have private and public chat capability between users and a way for people to post homework help or requests for others in their overall class. They can also contact other classmates through the app, so nobody needs to share their private Facebook and snapchat information, or their number. Users can also post anonymously and can rate teachers honestly. Keybase: Photon0f
Tech Stack
Java, go, otherwise tbd
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    i can guarantee you this is going to fail, but i like the concept and the tech stack.
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    I saw very similar apps already in use a long time ago, but even then people would just ask "whats your phone number/whatsapp", can't find the app in specific though, maybe exactly because nobody really wanted to use it instead.

    edit: except for the after graduation part

    edit2: thinking more into the after graduation part, I feel that's already a monopoly in most parts of the world, for example russia has "odnoklassniky" where you can find people via graduation year and school name iirc
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    @calmyourtities why do you think it will fail?

    To clarify, I haven't heard of an app with the ability for students to anonymously ask for and post help for classes etc. What apps are there that are similar and have failed?
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    @sslPoodle someone i know personally has attempted this. no one wants to dedicate their time to someone who they dont even know, not to mention that better help is likelier to be online. one of two possible outcomes are possible.

    1) no one uses it. the app is shut down. you may cry.

    2) the app gets popular, but not for the reason you want it to. this app would be great to help students learn, but greater to help students cheat. anonymity means that students can post answer for work without being caught. if someone can take a pic of the test, they wont be caught. youll be *strongly* asked by the school to shut it down, and the school may block your apps ip.

    this is going to be incredibly hard. ratemyteachers probably does teacher ratings 10 times better then what you had in mind. if youre going to attempt this, google classroom does have an api.
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    @calmyourtities thanks for the information. I figured cheating would happen but I also planned to monitor it and keep it from getting to be too much. Harmless things might be let through, but yeah I could see why the school would have a problem.
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    What's the point of making this open source? Who's gonna host it and who's gonna pay for it and why?

    @ThreadRipper where I'm from there's an app called Jodel which is highly popular for sharing anonymous messages between students and other young people. How do you intend to take over its market position?
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    @vertti each school could host their own if they needed, which would defeat the purpose. I wasn't thinking of growing this into a major app, instead I'd just host it myself and see how it does.

    Haven't even heard of that app before.
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    What if we strip the app down a bit and make an app aimed at class presidents who need to coordinate reunions?
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