Framework/abstraction for frontend development (javascript, html, css).

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Framework/abstraction for frontend development (javascript, html, css).

So, we all know (well at least fellow back end devs for sure) that front dev sucks. So I was thinking that it would be awesome to make it feel more like desktop development and make an universal framework that would abstract javascript, css and html (similar to reacts). But that’s not all, base idea is also to abstract support for different browsers, so it would be rendered exactly the same in all supported browsers. I think for it Kotlin would be the best choice, because it already has official js transpiler, and soon will have stable wasm support. For now it is just an idea and I am not planning to start working on it any time soon, but still I would like to discuss it. What do you guys think?
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May be Kotlin
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    i think if you want to improve webdev, you need to burn the whole stack down and start over.

    adding another layer of plaster on top of all the previous ones doesn't help, and actually makes things worse, as demonstrated by the whole evolution and current state of web technologies.

    ... sorry, but you asked what i think
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    Sorry for long delay, was on holiday.

    You are right, abstraction is bullshit. But inventing new standards is almost impossible, and unless you are someone huge that has power to control that (like google chrome with huge user base), you will achieve nothing. Also, even if standards exist, doesn’t mean that everyone will follow them, good example is IE and CSS.

    But there is wasm, which was meant to be machine code for browsers. Abstract CSS and you are good to go.
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