Little library that would allow grouping existing personal websites into a social network

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Little library that would allow grouping existing personal websites into a social network

It would have some advantages: Little overhead as many people already have their personal webpages Extremely customizable, your 'profile page' = your webpage Still allowing for smooth social network experience with chatting, groups... Not mentioning the giant privacy advantage
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    Wasnt this myvip back in 08?

    Edit, i jus looked it up, turns out it was hungary only, but it was basically this, you could edit the html of your page and shit
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    Can't look it up cuz everything is Hungarian but sounds fairly similar, except I don't know why you had to specify 'you could edit the html', you could be in control of the whole webpage, any backend you want and this project could be just a small library implementing communication with other webges
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    I think tumblr used to do this? Still does? Oh well.

    So basically you want linkedin with custom sites as profiles? I dont see that being very useful, the main point in any of the similar sites is having everything in one place, but it could work if you like embed the sites or sumshit.

    Also you might wanna hit that reply button if u want people to see that you answered
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    @ganjaman well yeah, I guess expect there would be no main server it would just be a bunch of websites sending each other chat messages
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    Indeed it does sound interesting, but I can't see people doing that. That would be simply connecting blogs and emails to one protocol. Or am I seeing something wrong ?
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    @FilipeRamalho basically yeah, I think since it would essentially allow the same as mainstream social networks, but with privacy and 100% self hosted it could have a potential
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    @meowxiik But it costs money as you have to host your own website and most people most certainly won't do that. It would be a nice Gimmick for professionals, but for the rest it wouldn't be relevant.
    In this particular issue I would love to be wrong.
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    @FilipeRamalho I'll try to help you then :D,
    You wouldn't have to host additional website, it would act as an addon to your blog / personal website.

    If I'd manage to create FB integration, I think it would attract some attention.

    I'm not gonna lie, it does seem far fetched to me a well, but I like the potential.
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    @meowxiik I mean the personal website itself. Most People outside of the professional scope don't have a website. You could make an tool to easily create one through GitHub, that might help.
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    @FilipeRamalho it would if it had the professional scope added on top of it...

    I'm actually already working on that. At least attempting too anyway.
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    As far as the social page itself, I think I've heard at least a dozen ppl within the past couple of years say that they missed ole Tom and the original myspace pages. People are starting to loathe facebook because of all the political bullshit constantly being put on there, now might be the ideal time to build something like that
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