A fitness app where you are able to grow artificial plants and track your exercise progress in a fun and simple way!

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Existing open source project

A fitness app where you are able to grow artificial plants and track your exercise progress in a fun and simple way!

I had an awesome idea that I would love to come true. My idea is an app where you can track your workouts and have fun with that. You will add your workouts to your app and based on your workout activity you will grow a plant. Once your plant is fully grown you will be able to grow other plants and place them all inside your artificial garden. The concept is inspired by the Forest app. This should keep people motivated to work out and since they want to have a beautiful garden and obviously get all the health benefits by working out. There is a lot of things that need to be done still and we need some awesome developers, thinkers and designers to make this work. If you want to contribute then check out the link to the GitHub!
Tech Stack
Swift, Kotlin, Java, HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript
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    Future partnership: legal cannabis dispensary.
    Details: You can now grow a marijuana plant by exercising, when the plant is fully grown you are eligible for a sample product.

    Tapping into the hard-won stoner demographic nets you 100 victory points! Media is all over it: "This company is helping potheads get into shape, YOU CANNOT BELIEVE HOW". Stocks soar. People are healthy and happy. Apple buys the company and immediately shuts it down.

    > Try again? y/n
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    @ihatecomputers not funny but good try 👌🏽
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    @Kisokare Thanks homie, I'll get em next time.
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    What are you going to build this in? Android ios will there be a web app?
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    @thevariableman yes all three :) I will start with the web app. I already did a simple prototype with swift but I want something more specific before starting with ios and android.
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    @EV-EV there will also be a web and android app. Actually I'm going to work on the web app first. Now come back to the discord :D
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    I can send you a complete fitness React Native App to Build off of even with macros calculator.
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    @Kisokare If you want some chill ambient music for the final app, I can help with that :D otherwise I'm a little to busy to collab on this, but It sounds like actually a great idea. Maybe not restrict it to workouts, but make so that you can grow plants for daily tasks you set! Or something like that, keep it up!
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