shitRant - devRant but for shitposting

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shitRant - devRant but for shitposting

The UI of devRant is appealing but unfortunately devRant is only for programmers. shitRant will be like devRant but for shitposting. There won’t be a two hour limit between rants. It’ll be great. Maybe dfox will be willing to beta test 😂
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Ruby on Rails
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    Eh, not a good idea. It will all be filled with spammers, reposters or ad accounts which are filtered here on devrant
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    @austudo smells like 4chan
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    Insert: "People saying, but thats just the meme category" here
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    @Frederick Next up my new album now that’s what I call meta
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    Pretty much my Twitter feed lol
    But I like the idea!
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    Just unfilter joke/meme
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    Just why should anybody post their shit? I mean, is it just to verify that they were productive in some way? You will need a big datastore for all that photos. You may also train a neural network to recognize shit. A shit-detector might be a hard embarrassing step to the politic world. Or you could send the pics to a face-recognition-suite just for fun - see who appears *LMAO*
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    you should add some "killer" functionality, like an AI based natural language analysis that matches people shitranting about the same thing.

    It will not even be necessary to read each other rants (who cares about others?), matching will be enough.

    Spammers will be matched automatically and eliminated.
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    Discord server with a #shitpost is enough
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