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Free devRant Swag!

Post an awesome rant that gets over 750 ++'s to receive a free devRant squishy stress ball! Swag is available in the United States AND internationally. Read the fine print below for the (few) restrictions.

Once you have 750 ++'s on a single rant for a ball, email us at: with:
  • 1) Your registered account email address (so we can confirm you've received the necessary ++'s on a single rant)
  • 2) Your name and physical address so we can mail you the ball

    Important: If you are outside the United States, make sure to format your address so it can be copied directly onto a label. Please also make sure to properly include your country and zip code in the address. If your address is improperly formatted or is missing any required info, your stickers will be delayed significantly or may not arrive at all.
Fine Print:
  • The devRant squishy ball giveaway is not retroactive and only applies to new rants posted after the giveaway began. (on or after May 24, 2016)
  • Please only send one email maximum per item. Sending duplicate emails for the same item will result in all of your requests being cancelled. Please give us a week or two to process the emails as we have a lot of volume to handle.
  • ++ requirements for balls are subject to change
  • Supplies are limited, so send us an email as soon as you have a qualifying rant!
  • We want to spread the swag wealth around, so if you've already received your ball, even if you get more ++'s, you are not eligible for more stickers or balls. But if you have previously only received stickers, you are still eligible for a ball when you cross the ++ threshold.
  • The US Postal Service isn't always reliable, so while most swag should arrive in about a week after it's been sent, international mail sometimes takes longer (sometimes up to 6 weeks), so please be patient!

Not Enough ++'s? Visit the Store!

We think everyone should be able to get their hands on some swag regardless of if they post or not, so we recently opened the devRant Swag Store. You can get devRant T-shirts, an exclusive sticker pack and of course, the original stickers and ball. Your purchase goes to help us build more cool stuff for the community!