I just started making my first app in Android and Android is straight forward man they dont try to say something nicely :D they tell you that your shit is useless :D

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    I also have no children.
    Am I useless too?
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    @spky I think you are useless for android yes :D
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    @Kisokare I got no children, no style, no background..
    buhuhu.. I feel sad.
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    You better learn how to develop android layout using XML design instead of drag and drop components.
    As well you may face lot of problems using relative layout because each item is relative to all other compoments
    Just move it 1 mm and you are dead.
    Try to use LinearLayout or constraintLayout using XML and it will automatically create the basic attributes like id, orientation, children if needed and you just fill them the way you want for a better design, efficent and faster
    good luck
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    When android studio knows whats up with my life
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    @Mba3gar wow thank you for the tips awesome! Will look into it in the morning :)
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    @Mba3gar btw do you know any good sites or videos for learning that?
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