So… Privacy people! This is amazing!


It's a lineageOS fork that runs completely without google services, and still enables you to use GPS, pushup and other things without issues. It's really just as simple as flashing it and you're ready to go :D

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    It does not run "without google services", just the binaries on the phone are open source. They still talk to Google and send them your data though.
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    @Lahsen2016 Yup I know it :)
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    Awesome! I have a redmi note 3, will it work or do I need to port it somehow?
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    @Npstr so what's the point?
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    @Trablarer It should work. https://download.lineage.microg.org/... That's the one you need. For instructions on how to install just visit th regular LineageOS site.
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    @mzeffect First of all, it manages many things without sending requests to Google. Secondly, the code is open source. So you know that only the stuff is sent to Google that you'd expect to be sent. With Google's closed-source software, you for example don't know whether your location is sent to Google 24/7.
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    I am so fucking excited to install this. Have Lineage on another device.
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    @mzeffect well, that way you know what they exactly do, and nothing else. No hidden functionality.
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    @Npstr yep, if I read through the source of an entire rom and a Google services mock to verify this. I don't think that's a real scenario. I admire people who do read the code of that they use, but I ain't got time for that 😃 of course someone will always read it and report possible problems publicly so it's quite trustworthy this way.
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    @mzeffect Your last sentence is exactly the point. If the code was doing malicious things, people would definitely report it, even if it's not you reading the source.
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