When you just saw a devrant, and remember you have a perfect picture to add to it that you've been holding onto for years, for just this very moment to post it, so you quickly look for the picture, and then you can't find the rant again !

The rant I saw was about excessive warning signs..

Reminded me of my then local library that was relocated and the architect didn't notice the floor level between two rooms was different so when they knocked two into one, this was the result..

I did suggest they simply put a ramp in, instead of spending a small fortune on signs!

But no, they went with the signs and I heard, had regular accidents involving people falling off the step still..

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    Eyyy I remember that rant!
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    That's the one!
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    @ddephor I understand now why I couldn't find it with the search tool, as I'd searched for 'steps', obviously no fuzzy logic at play..

    I also searched for 'signs' too.

    I guess the search function only searches tags and nothing else.

    Now if only we could cache a local copy of the data, we could use this to find what we wanted:

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    People don't read. Had a women trip over a bright yellow wet floor sign. She sued us.
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    @mbj047 I always think 'idiot proof' design when it comes to anything folk interact with.

    As such, I'm a great fan of ramps, and not stairs.

    My next home, I want a ramp like this:

    FX [ Notices he can't post pictures via web front end, resorts to logging into DevRantron instead.. ]
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