Linux is wonderful..

Boots up PC..

"Software Updater"
"Failed to download repository information"


Now what !

<-- Linux Newbie.

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    I open up Firefox, and now it suddenly wants to download updates !

    I guess it was just busy already checking for updates..

    A more helpful error message would have been handy. :-)


    "Failed to download repository information because already downloading it.."
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    @jAsE Totally agree. :-)

    This is a dual boot machine, and before I knew it, it had booted into Linux..

    So I thought, well, may as well do some updates whilst I'm here !

    You've probably some idea just how many weeks it took me to actually install Linux on this in the first place !

    It's my, emergency, if I need a Linux machine to do something, machine.
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    Keep using it and you won't be newbie anymore and will have no such issue in your whole life. Promise.*

    *This only applies to Linux. I guarantee no such promise for other OS, especially windows.

    - another dual boot user with more than decades experience
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    @Torbuntu Lubuntu, the only version I could get to work on this slightly elderly machine.

    I tried many others first...
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    @CurseMeSlowly I've been using it for, lets see now, 20 years, reluctantly, and as least often as possible. :-)

    I hardly know anything about it.
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    @Nanos oh another sarcastic one like me. Now I like you. 😁
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    I feel you man. But I like Linux Distros over windows. At least they do not hang up for no reason whatsoever. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    Dual boots are hard to get right these days. Luckily VM’s have come a long way. I definitely recommend that route first.
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    @jeeper When I had XP I had a VM of Linux, and it worked at a reasonable speed.

    Then when I installed W10..

    The Linux VM ran at a snails speed, same hardware, go figure !

    But I often need to access the bare metal, and thus need a physical machine with Linux/etc. on it, as a VM doesn't let me access the things I want.

    Nice to doing other stuff in mind you.

    Though one time, Linux update, filled up the VM HD and there wasn't any way to increase the VM HD partition size that I could figure out, so had to reinstall again from scratch on a larger partition.

    I might try again if anyone can recommend a VM client that wouldn't run at a snails pace on a Q9550 4.3Ghz CPU, baring mind it doesn't have that Hypver-V CPU option..
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    @jeeper Yeah, I'm only dual booting W10 and W7 on this PC, as I'm too scared now to try a Linux and XP boot too, which would be my ideal !

    I wasn't happy when a driver update killed my W10 install and wouldn't let me even boot into my emergency backup W7 install !

    Since found out how to turn off the GUI boot menu so I don't get stung again with that.

    XP is nice for all those things that don't run on W10..

    Luckily I have another PC with XP on it for those things, just it would have been nice to have it on my main machine with all of its bells and whistles.

    Related link:

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    @jAsE That's highly subjective. Linux had been stable as fuck for me over the years, can't say the same of windows.

    But that could be different for someone else.
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    I just got Windows XP stable, before they retired it..

    Then, suddenly every program I wanted to use, needed Vista or above..

    So I upgraded to Vista64 (No laughing at the back!), that worked surprisingly well. (Probably because it was almost as mature as XP..)

    Though, as perhaps some of you know, first time install of Vista, getting those updates to kick off, well, that can take days !

    But then, everything I wanted to use, would only work on Windows 8 or above..

    Then Windows 8.1 came out..

    Now my particular MB doesn't work with Windows 8.1

    So I went to Windows 7, then to 10.

    10 is not yet stable..

    Every update brings, issues..

    I'm sure in a year or two, or three, or four, etc, it will be nice and stable. :-)

    Then W11 will be out, and we will repeat !

    I skipped the parts about W3.11 / 95 / 98SE / NT / W2003 ...
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    seems lije one of your apt repos are 404...

    have you perchance downloaded oracle java in the last dayz?
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    @linuxer4fun I hadn't had the machine turned on for months !
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    @Nanos Ok so i think one of your repo sources is 404ed.

    There are two ways to fix that. either you test every repo source or you delet all the repo sources and replace em with an official repo source file
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    @linuxer4fun FX [ Has no idea what repo sources are.. ]
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    @Nanos its basicalle the server adresses where aptget searches for packages
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