Which is better; Ubuntu or Fedora? I'm debating moving to Fedora as a daily driver but information online is a bit all over the place.

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    Unfortunately... Up to you, fire up a VM and test them quickly and decide then
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    Yeah, when I said "better" I meant which sections are better. Like apt vs yum. Implications of SELinux etc. Thanks for being adults and starting a flame war 😋
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    @coolboole Only fags use Fedora!!!

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    Fedora is the upstream testbed for RHEL. Features and packages are tested out there before they are added to a future release of RHEL. That means it is, by design, unstable.

    You can use bleeding edge software versions, which can be fun, but if you're going to use it, your experience is going to be inconsistent.

    Also, if you do wind up using Fedora, please please please, provide feedback to Redhat on your experience. Community feedback is the entire reason they release it.

    Ubuntu is stable, but often regarded as, "too easy." I personally think such criticisms are silly, as any OS should be usable.
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    Well I havent really used Fedora, I just heard that the package manager was slower, even now with dnf.
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