Get. Me. Out. Of. Here.

Dinner already started one hour ago, they are still eating the Fucking Entrée ( Starter in english i guess ? )

They tell the same fucking story every fucking year. I don't even know if they got a brain, no one seems to remember the Fucking story exept me,and they are all pleased with this shitty uninteresting shit.

The youngest exept me is 47, i'm fucking 17. HEEEEEELP

And now ? Hoo, a fucking debate about how technology is stealing their fucking jobs where no one listen to me even if i could probably teach them some fucking stuff on that fucking subject.

Can't wait for the fucking "videos games make young brutal and dumb". Probably coming soon.

Anyway, hope you guys get more fun than me tonight and Happy Holidays yay

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    I will have the same happening to me in 2 days,

    Good luck man, you will get out of there alive.
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    I have to go back now, can't dodge this shit forever.

    Farewell fellow devs, may the devDuck god help me
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    Just say contradictory stuff under you're breath. Until they ask. Then explain to them when they ask what you said. That tech makes jobs and moves the human race forward. And that without it we would all just be cavemen eating cold meat.
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    You made me laugh, I remember such times. Try have a good one.
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    The same story every year?

    And you're the only one that remembers

    You sure are interested in it
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    "Entrée" is from French, I believe? It means the main course of a meal. Appetizer is the first course.

    E.g. A meal I made for Father's day one year (before I disowned him)

    Course 1 (appetizer): Baked potato skins
    Course 2: Fench onion soup!
    Course 3 (main/entrée): steak and mashed potatoes
    Last course (dessert): cheesecake.

    Also: wow, that is a heavy meal.
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    Also: please leave.
    Staying there is not good for you or your sanity.
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    @Count if only i could remember useful knowledge as much as theses uninteresting story ;(

    @Root It's finnaly over now, i did survived by escaping the room sometimes, but i'm pretty sure i lost half my brain capabilites in this torture room. I have a half-brain that works halfway now. --'
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    @Krayorn you're probably far more interesting than they are, even with only half your brain surviving... 😉
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    @Root not quite, "entrée" is indeed a French word but it means starters / appetizers.

    The most common order is:
    Entrée / appetizers
    Plat de résistance / main dish
    Fromage / cheese
    Dessert / desert
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    @Commodore Interesting! I wonder why its meaning changed when adopted into English?
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    @Root wait I didn't get your comment right the first time. Do you really use it for the main dish in English?
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    @Commodore Yes.
    As in "Pick two sides, and entrée, and a desert"

    Or "buy one entrée, get one of equal or lesser value free" (with a picture of chicken parmrsan, for example)
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    @Root ooh I've been in the US, UK, New Zealand and never caught that.

    Guess I'll be more careful next time 😋

    As for why/when the word lost its meaning, I've no idea. Curious to know though.
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