I think I did the stupidest mistake I could possibly do as a developer. Do I still have a chance?

For this question you'll need a bit of background info:

I'm a 17-year old student, developing mostly apps in my freetime. I code since 2011 so I hope to be able to say that I'm at least a bit experienced. I have once shown an app public earlier this year with mediocre interest. I spent the second half of 2017 developing another app as part of an extracurricular activity of my school. On 8th december I presented this new app public under the schools name. As I recall the interest was pretty high, especially when compared to the app in the first half of the year. As the event went on several people that watched my presentation approached me and asked where they could get the app. I said that it was still in development and that they could expect it to come out in early 2018 and I gave them my Twitter. I was super excited and that's where I think I did the worst mistake I could do.
A representative of a company approached me. They were interested in the App because it addresses a topic which is part of what they do. They asked how much I currently make with this app. I responded with "nothing" as it wasn't out yet. They wanted to know how to contact me and I didn't have a sheet of paper and a pen with me (mistake 1). I don't know why I did this, but told them to contact me through reaching out to my school (mistake 2) and said they would find a mail address on my schools homepage (mistake 3) without telling them what my schools name was (mistake 4). They still said that they were about to reach out and look forward to work together with me. They sounded really confident. We didn't have much time to talk but it still would have been enough to get a pan and some paper... 🤦

But I feel pretty stupid now.
I suppose they remembered at least my schools name as my project did stand out (I hope this doesn't sound too arrogant. An app was way over the top for an event like this) and my schools name was all over the place. But I still don't know if they'll ever contact me. At least I learnt from it. I now take a pen and paper with me all the time and I learnt to pitch my current app whenever I'm questioned about it.
I'd like to hear your opinion on that as I never was in a situation like that. Do I still have a chance that they'll contact me? Is it likely?

Thank you in advance. Have mercy if this text isn't error-free as english isn't my native language and I'm sleepy right now. I just wanted to drop this burden for once. 😅

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    Maybe I am missing something, but nobody of you got a phone on them? fial your/their number in, email them from their own email, write it down in the notes, ..?
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    @KingRJ14 As this app was a little educational game, I used Unity to develop it. If you already know programming, I'd say it just takes a little time to get used to it and then it's farely easy to make an app (from coding perspective). Otherwise I'd use Xamarin as I can write in C# there too. I can't judge how difficult App development is. There are many differences compared to desktop development but I'd say you just need to get used to it.
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    @JoshBent @hube
    I asked that myself several times later. At the time I thought, that they would write something down if they had something to write it down on. I didn't ask for a pen and paper because I thought it would seem rude(?) Which is pretty stupid looking back, but I was nervous and excited then. They didn't ask if I could write it down or to repeat it for them to take notes. They didn't seem as this was a new situation to them so I don't have a clue why they wouldn't ask for a note or something. So I hope, if they didn't want a note, that they can remember such things or that they took notes after speaking to me because maybe they didn't have something to write on them.
    Looking back, this conversation seems like a big mess. But they seemed pretty organized and confident to remember such things. I don't know how to feel about it. 🙆
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    Do you know who they are, if so, contact them.

    Future suggestion, keep a wad of business cards with you at all times to hand out.

    I keep some waterproof ones myself, and when I was in the operating theatre once completely naked for an operation, I still managed to produce a business card to give to the anaesthetist I was chatting to about their computer problem.

    She did ask me, where the hell did I hide that !
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    I stopped reading at "I'm 17" because you're young and any mistake you make now is just a learning experience for you. Don't be too stressed about things, if they're really interested they will find you themselves and get in touch, if not, keep doing your thing and you'll find something else.
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    @YeahOkay That's true. My school guaranteed that I'd have the rights to the app. But thank you for your opinion.
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    @px06 Thank you
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