Please, anyone, tell me what the genuine fuck is this?

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    Working for idiots doing all “IT” roles for peanuts 😂
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    Awesome! I have experience with BASH scripting, now I can get the web development job because I have experience with coding!!! HoOrAy!!!!
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    Also I can develop their site with shitty Wix.com because they only told me to develop their site and have experience with code.
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    Dude, from this description- if you've touched a computer before you're basically some form of God. A massively underpaid and underappreciated god.
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    I would not even touch that job spec with a stick 🤣
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    If you are just willing to learn and make "computer code" you can get the job. Do you even need to have any knowledge at all?
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    In developer tools, edit "a year" to "a month". Then screenshot.
    Send it to them.
    Go to interview.
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    Search by title in google and will find.. if telling true going through interviews I saw worst... for example you will do support for our website 24/7...
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    @busuu honestly I wouldn't usually show the names but this is fucking awful, I considered calling up just to waste their time and probably curse them.
    Some poor sap is gonna take that job and have what sounds like the worst experience in IT ever.

    The company is called OwensGroup.

    If you hack the fuck out of them I am not to blame and take no responsibility oxoxox
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    Looks like the kind of job one could apply for if you don't have a degree !

    Or shit loads of experience, like many ask for.

    A good entry level position where you will probably have a lot of input on how things are done, because you will probably be the only one there who understands everything.

    Probably the person who wrote the advert knows nothing about the subject, and the boss perhaps only knows they want someone who knows stuff more than they do.

    Looks like an opportunity to me.

    Though you do need some kind of transport to get to other locations, I wonder if a bicycle would be good enough for that or not..
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    Look out everyone we got a spy from OwensGroup!
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    First job was like that for 16k :D Never again
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    @busuu dude a ddos attack???? That's weak as fuck!
    like I don't encourage you to hack them in any way whatsoever but if you were going to do anything, enumerate those truck fucks! But don't do that because I don't want this whole conversation read back to me in a court of law.
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    Doesn't seem like too bad money (in euros... I know cost of living is high in UK)

    Honestly, if that were me, I'd jump on that ship and be like "look I can even write fancy code" and show off a bit, then ask for more than they offer. If that's the job description, you might as well go over the top and try and profit 👌
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