In my CS class last semester, there was this one student who really didn't seem to know that much, but liked to act as though he knew more than anybody else. When one of the students posted a Mozilla Developer Network link in response to a discussion board topic, he went on about how terrible of a source it was and proceeded to post a "better" source...from w3schools 😒

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    Lol, that dude definitely knows his shit 😂
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    Something about this...Who gives a fuck what source you use? I use MDN because of it's to-the-point JS docs, but just get the fucking job done ffs.
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    An inofficial/secondary source can be better in terms of ease of understanding. So what's your point?
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    @Huuugo I would absolutely agree, and I sometimes use w3schools for that exact purpose (also, I do think the hate against it is mostly unfounded at this point, but it's a rant, so I let the hate flow forth). My point though is that this person is putting down another student for using what I would consider to be a primary source and suggesting that they should be using the secondary source instead.
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