I didn't realize how many comments / rants I have made.. wow.

(DevCards. Made by @halex and me)

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    Now, devCards.

    What did I miss? (Excluding cross platform devrant apps)

    I am taking devX under my belt.

    Coming Soon!!! devX
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    @github I am also working on devUnity. It's goal is to cut down on the dev* names and have a single host for everything.
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    @ewpratten devRant in Unity engine? Please in VR man!
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    @Forside nah. Although that would be a really cool idea.
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    @Forside I have no idea how to implement devrant in unity
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    @github There is a collab called devToons, but not making progress
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    @github I don't know why this was even created. We aim with devBanner basically at the same thing and this would have been easily implemented if the guys would have chosen to extend our code base
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    @CozyPlanes yup. I am super busy these days at office. Once, I clear up some of my tasks, I will look into it. devToons seems complicated, so will require serious time and effort to understand it's feasibility.
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    That is cool.
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    @Kimmax what's the problem on this? I mean, devBanner does something, devCards (under devUnity) does something else. We are trying to put as many projects as possible under a domain where you can access them all.

    P.S. most of us don't know C#, so we decided to use PHP
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    Change the supporter badge to the same color as the text. Looks sick 👌
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