A one of my co-workers today said he once witnessed a 20,000 line SQL query. Is that even a thing? What does it do?

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    What if he meant a query that returned 20000 records? That'd sound a lot more reasonable to meπŸ˜…
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    @Bl00D4NGEL what he said wasn't that reasonable.
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    That sounds like it had to join every table in a huge database with aggregate functions that did calculations. I bet that was for
    Data Analyst not production use and hopefully a script not a human wrote it.
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    I once wrote a code that generated a few thousand lines of a single SQL query (standard SQL). It was big mainly because it had a few hundred columns, and was basically a pivot table. Nothing complicated about it.

    If all of those lines were just joins and subqueries, unless it's a small DB, it would execute until 2023 or something.
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    And I thought the 150 line sql query I have was overly big, I see my standards are to low now πŸ˜‚
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    #ProgrammingUrbanLegend πŸ€”
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    Probably the name of the table was 19999 line long and all the query did was select * ???

    Quite possible..
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    And the table name was wrong 😨
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