Would totally send all the information 10/10

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    Send data of someone you hate
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    There wasnt even an attempt in that fucking email...fucken hell
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    I can only imagine what would happen if I did that xD @IsDev

    @LeFlawk I know right :/ Atleast should have tried to make it plausible. :P

    @vexusia Either way, that's too much money to digest.
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    Why isn't there a space between , and address? It annoys me.
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    The entire email annoys me. Also the fact that there's a grammatical error and a lot of punctuational errors in there. Should have been has won* in place of have won 😐 @Gobbas
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    Scam emails usually have shit grammar on purpose because people that would still trust any part if the email after that are the same ones that would fall for the scam.
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