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Nice split screen reader, but its not obvious how you comment to a message !

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    @JS96 for you 🤗
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    Thanks, now I know where to type !
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    I notice the comment box is really small, max around 5 lines, which on my 43" monitor is 5 to 10% of the screen space, it would be nice if the window size was alterable.

    Actually, if it isn't too much to ask. :-) if all the windows was dragable and alterable in size, so you could put them where you wanted, what size you wanted, that would be peachy.

    I like the fast scrolling of the app.

    I notice it does some pre-caching, which is again nice. (More would be ideal.)

    Tooltips when you mouse over the buttons would be helpful.

    By the way, what is it written in if you don't mind me asking ?
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    I'm now going to try pressing the buttons to see what they do..
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    @Nanos Thanks for the suggestions!
    It's still in beta, so feature requests are welcome!

    If you can, have time, etc, please post them here:
    So I will be able to find them more easily in future and implement them.

    It's an UWP app, so the size of the comment box was set thinking about smartphones where the display is smaller and while you're writing you still want to see the comments section.
    Maybe I will add the possibility to increase it on PCs as you said.

    Tooltips are on the TODO list and will be present in a future update (maybe the next one), ahead with other desktop nice features, for example support for mouse navigation and keyboard shortcuts.

    It was written in VB.NET, it's a native UWP app as I said before.
    Why VB.NET?
    Because I love that language and I started to learn it 8 years ago, and also because the performance in comparison to C# is the same. In fact, the entire code could be converted to C# in a click.
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    I love VB.NET too. :-)

    Currently learning C# as various folk said to me it was the future.. (In that at some point, VB will be discontinued. I already see lots of things I'm interested in with only C# support.)

    And I find a lot more code examples in C#, but it doesn't look as easy to learn..
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    Pressed a lot of buttons, nothing broke. :-)
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    @Nanos all the examples (if wrote without syntax errors) can be converted to VB.NET using this awesome converter:

    But yes, learning C# is better for many reasons., too many things on VB.NET are simplified.

    But for small projects I do for hobby VB.NET will be always the number 1.
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    Currently I find the webclient the easiest to use.
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    Thanks for taking the time to answer, is most appreciated.

    I know how busy dev work can be.
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