Someone managed to install a virus on my class' computer. It's called amazon assistant or something like that and it keeps in opening a blank window called aa.hta as soon as you close it it opens again. It didn't change any file so idk, the only assumption i can make is that it mines cryptocurrency. But whatever is fun watching my teachers trying to close it.

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    hta still a thing?
    what year did I wake up in this time? 😄
    It's actually really simple to disable, remove the extension from executables list. Associate it with notepad just for fun.
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    Idk, the fun thing is that the technician says that's not a virus because there AVG "antivirus" installed.
    "someone installed amazon"
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    @nbamaral also since when you close it it launches itself again i think there is a background process as well. And the task manager is disabled
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