I was 8 and I was at grandpa house and he had computer lying at ground while it was opened.
It looked cool to me so I asked him to learn me and he did learn me the total basics then when I got home I downloaded C compiler (damn I don't know which one it was) and well learnt total basics of C and made few simple programs.
And I continued to learn even when I was 10 made couple of basic apps (calculator and that kind of stuff) and I continued learning and well after 10 years here I am.
Almost18 years boy that knows C pretty good (10 years experience)
While that 10 years I started to learn C++ too and Java too but I still learnt C the most probably cause I never stoped learning it.
4 years back I found out about SDL and learnt it damn it was cool now I want to learn OpenGL(Yea I'm learning it kinda late but oh well)

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