I feel so damn stupid right now.

I've been playing around with GNU Guile, a Scheme implementation, over the weekend. I wanted to make https requests with Scheme, for which I needed the Guile TLS bindings library. So I navigated over to the GnuTLS Web page and downloaded the library source for the Guile bindings (I forgot about the GnuTLS source itself, possibly adding to my problems).

Over the next 8 hours, after various attempts at making, installing, and configuring, I was deep in errors and no where near having a working library. I even tried installing the Guix package manage on my Ubuntu MATE distro. I knew the library was in its repositories. I just ended up with many of the same problems.

A sys admin I'm not.

"What good is free software if you can't install it?! Why isn't this stuff in the repositories?!"

2 days later I sit at my computer for some other task and after a thought, I open a terminal:

apt search gnutls

And there it is, from the repositories, staring me in the face: guile-gnutls

Moral of the story, thoroughly search your repositories first and save yourself 8 hours of pain.

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