I finally got what I wanted. A raise and I'm moving to another team to get away from my lead who is a completelly obtuse human being.
Or so I thought...
Aparently, the change has been approved by everyone except the head of HR, who has been MIA for about two months now.
At the moment I may or may not receive my raise at the end of the month...
It gets better!! Today i was reminded why I wanted to get rid of my lead. Anual reviews are here again.
So, I go to the one on one review meeting with my lead. We start talking about the various topics and we get to the "needs improvement" section, where my jaw dropped.
The morron completed that section with all the things that were meant for the "good job" column (it's not called that but you get it). More than that...the imbecile refused to understand that he made a mistake. I had to call another team lead (from the team where I should have ended up by now) to explain to the moron how the fucking review works, only then did he admit his mistake.l and made the appropriate changes.
At the moment I regret ever joining this company and I also regret not owning a flamethrower!

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