- "Knock, knock."
- "Who is there?"
- "Mathew."
- "Mathew who?"
- "Math-You could never do unless You had IQ of 184"

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    @hube I totally agree that separating a complex problem into smaller pieces is the right way how to understand it. However The problem with that theory is person's actual ability to connect these pieces together or even just one with another. Some people are just good at it - math guys.
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    More like, some people have just practiced it more.
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    Some people nust have a higher aptitude for math. I love that shit, but I absolutely suck at it(my own opinion of my skills) but surprisingly enough managed to score 90+ on all of my math classes at uni. I still don't know how I did it. I found a couple of notebooks from school all filled with a bunch of shit. Can't figure out how I did this really.
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    Actually I know this joke its from serial Team Scorpion.
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    @sslPoodle this joke comes from Happy Quinn, one of the main characters of the </Scorpion> team (tv series). She has IQ of 184
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