When i was a around the age of 4 or 5 my dad used to torrent kids movies for us, and had to leave the pc on for nights, then one night i snuck up to it and pressed the keyboard for the first time and was thrilled by the realization that i had a lots of buttons in front of me that had some sort of effect on the screen in front of me.

When i was around 6 i was allowed to use the computer few hours per day before the parental controls shut it down, it didnt take all that long to realize that i could change the system timezone and get few more hours of playtime

One time i accidentally opened command line and wondered what it was, after i googled a bit, i found the command “shutdown /a” , which aborts shutdowns and i made my first commandline script that would loop every 4 seconds and abort shutdown if there was one about to happen ( the parental control had a 5 second warning before the shutdown)

Then one time i asked mom to come and extend the time a little bit because i was sick, but she was also sick (we both had a cold) so she didnt want to get up, so she just told me her password which i promptly wrote to the underside of the table

Thats how got hooked on computers, hacking and social engineering

I had that old pc with me until last year when i had to get rid of it when i moved to my own as i had no room for it

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    I'm just finding out about parental control. I guess I never needed one since I'm the youngest of 4, and always got physically (and sometimes literally) kicked out of the room if I used the computer for too long. Fun times.
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    Torrents doesn't exist that long lol
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