A very accurate browser. Found this on some Discord server

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    It's not really incognito if it tracks the times you go incognito, is it?
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    I usually use incognito multiple times when handling company Facebook, to make sure visitors can actually see posts link..
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    @irene according to my friend, it's so that you don't have to clear history. That's just what my friend sais
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    @irene aye, who really cares if you Watch porn anyways
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    @irene I agree, incognito mode is joke.
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    I use incognito quite a lot at work so I don't taint my search results with one-off things in other frameworks/languages/technologies than what I normally use the most...
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    But I just ate pizza and played overwatch yesterday....
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    I sometimes use incognito mode to check if e.g. a git repository is publically acessible without login requirement, if it was set to private before

    So not (just) porn.
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    I'm using incognito mode on the computers we have in school so I don't have to worry about logging out after the lesson.
    Pretty useful.

    Happens pretty often that you turn on the computer and somebody is still logged in to Google (We use Google Classroom in school)
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    Have auto history/cookis clear enabled by default. Who needs those anyway.
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    I use incognito because I don't wanna accidentally show the interesting titles of the pages I visited when I type something in the browser in front of my clients or audience or employees. @irene
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    @irene I sync my browsers 😫

    // not that I won't refuse I watch porn at office 😳
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