Well, it happened. They ripped me off...
They promissed the world and they delivered nothing.
I'm done!
All bets are off. From now on, I am not responsible for my actions.

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    @1989 normally i'd make jokes but this time i'm not feeling up to it
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    @1989 Romania? Ukraine?
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    @1989 i think I understand. I don't know specifics but i've heard stories. Sorry!
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    @1989 i do realise and admit that it could be worse...but that does not absolve these assholes of their dues. They ask us to move mountains and when it's time to give something back, they walk off whistling.
    I won't stand for it!
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    @1989 i got to read what you posted before you took it down. Massive assholes for what they did to you. Sorry!
    If you do want to talk about it, the people here would understand.
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    @1989 i won't tell anyone if you don't 😉 but just moving on is not an option for me...i'm a bit more vindictive than that. Thank's for sharing anyway!
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    @1989 i'm serious...it did help.
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