Okay guys, so I'm moving to university in two weeks time and for two weeks after I've moved in, I have to live off $50 AUD | 39.65 USD for food. So what are your poor student recipes?

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    Oh boy

    0) get the smallest pasta you can find. Get the cheapest cheese you can find. Put some pasta in a bowl, add salt and water to cover the pasta, microwave for 10min, add cheese, microwave for 1 min.

    1) get cheap ramen. Cook the noodles, add some oil to a pan, start slowly frying the noodles, add eggs, eat when the eggs look done.

    2) get white bread, milk, cocoa powder. Make warm cocoa, tear the bread into small pieces, pour cocoa on bread.

    3) get flour, yeast. Make dough. Create small disks from the dough, deep fry them. Eat with sour cream.
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    Look up 'life of boris' on youtube
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    Oatmeal. You can do a lot of combos with oatmeal.
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    the cheapest most delicious option is mixveg curry.

    Buy a big bag of frozen vegetables mix, Big cup 500g of (greek) yoghurt, onions, Butter, Curry powder (asia store), Tomato sauce

    curry base recepie:
    - melt the butter in a pan
    - add a chopped onion into the butter
    - add a big spoon of the curry powder
    - add tiny bit of water
    - add 200g yoghurt and stir it togheter
    - add 2 spoon of tomato sauce, stir.

    - fry the frozen vegetables with butter and some water in the frying pan or defrost it in the microwave. Add it into the curry.

    Chickpeas are also a good option.

    That way you'll get a big delicious & nutritious meal for about $1.20.
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    •Spaghetti- $1 for noodles, $1 for sauce $3-5 for meat. And you'll get at least 2 meals off of it.
    •Pizza Rolls - a bit more expensive than necessary
    •Frozen Pizzas - Totino's cost $1
    •Sandwiches - peanut butter is $2 and bread is $2 or so. You'll get like 6 or 7 sandwiches per loaf too.
    •Sometimes eat a pot of Mac N Cheese as an entire meal 🤷
    •Cans of spaghetti (chef boyardee) are like $1 each
    •Vienna Sausages are $0.50 per can.
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    •Idk about there, but a large Domino's pizza (3 toppings) is $8 here. That's 3 meals, give or take.
    •Something like a hamburger helper meal is easy. $3-5 for meat, like $1 for package, and the rest is common goods (milk and water)
    •Hot dogs are fairly cheap and easy to cook.

    Side tip: look for food on sale. My mom tips me off if she sees hamburger meat on sale somewhere and lets me know, since I use it at least once a week to cook.
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    Fried Noodles

    - Oriental Noodles
    - 1 Liter of Soy sauce (will last a month +)
    - Bottle Chinese Oystersauce
    - 5 spice mix (will make everything taste like chinese food)

    Get some veggies like red bell peper, leek, china cabbage, a carrot. Chop them into stripes.

    Cook the noodles, sieve them and wash them cold.
    Mix the veggies with the noodles in the pan. Add the soy & oyster sauce and the 5spice mix. Stir.
    stirfry it in the frying pan.

    voila! homemade chinese food for $2
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    @three333 All in a bowl?
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    @vexusia hes coming to my country and im really hyped
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    @Dimmerworld You should start looking out for sales, use coupons, and even check your university's website to see if there's a student discount available at any of the grocery stores near your campus.
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    @jhh2450 It's only till old mate government pays me then it'll be 100 a week
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    I buy 30eggs and like 10kg of pastas each months beginning, worth 20€, then i use 15€ to buy steak, sauce and potatoes.
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    a) 🥔🥔 - boil whole, then peel and eat with butter&salt; or slice and roast

    b) warm a liter of milk to 40C, dump 1 probiotic yogurt in, stir and let sit 1 day - voila, 1 liter of yogurt. Eat with oat flakes and/or 🍌 if you find some on sale.

    c) oat flakes with milk, eat as is or boil to get porridge. sweeten with sugar, 🍯, 🍌, maple syrup, raisins or anything you find cheap

    d) 🍌 with peanut butter

    e) fresh 🍞 with butter and salt, easy to forget how good it is

    f) toast 🍞, brush with garlic (like the 🍞 is sandpaper), salt. Delicious.

    g) instant ramen

    h) mix oat flakes with eggs, salt, any seasoning. form patties, roast on pan. eat plain, with sour cream or anything else.

    i) plain rice. salt and season with anything. Who said 🍚 can't be tasty by itself?

    Throw in some green stuff and you should be good nutritionally (and tastefully). Maybe you'll even find you feel better.

    Still need more suggestions?
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    don't forget your veggies plz! frozen stuff and cabbage are usually very cheap here.
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    Make a huge batch of tripe soup. $10 and should last you 10 days.
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    Rice and some beans&tomato mixture with it.
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    One thing I used to do here in Sweden was look at the "eat soon" sections, food that they'd otherwise throw because it would get old, usually you get really really good steaks for 2-3 dollars. Other things for like 1-2 dollars. If the expiry date is like the day after, just freeze the meat immediately.

    Otherwise a poor man's carbonara is always an option - bacon, onion, pasta. no cheese or like a really cheap cheese.
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    Canned beans
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    a 2 kg bag of frozen french fries
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    For a while at uni I survived on £8 a week. That was some tough time, I used to buy the cheapest disgusting meat and frozen veg from one of our national shitty budget frozen stores.

    Another friend of mine from Bulgaria survived 2 months on just rice though. Eventually he got so sick of it he bought some sugar and had rice with sugar.
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    Pre fry them then stick them in the freezer in small ziplock bags for meals on the go. @heyheni
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    Look at the bottom shelves at coles and woolies. If there's aldi near you check that out aswell. Buy pasta, canned tomatoes and frozen veg. For protein rely on canned beans and chickpeas, much cheaper than meat. Invest in salt, pepper and a spice mix you like. For brekky, try oatmeal made from oats and hot water, add apple or banana if you can afford.
    Also, go to the store late at night, the might have discounted produce!
    Good luck! :)
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    @craig939393 yo i always eat rice with sugar
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    milk rice
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    @Dimmerworld But I mean, still, look for sales. It'll save you money and leave you with a little for entertainment.

    And it's a good habit to have once you get a job.
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    @BindView I started cutting food with a bayonette because of Boris

    I'm at uni now, surviving off basically the same weekly budget. I usually get a couple packages of sausages and some rolls, quick lunch every day, box of cereal for breakfast, and use whatever's left to buy something interesting for dinner (which is usually either some meat and veggies warmed up in a pan, or some noodles and cheese or veggies mushed together). I also get juice every week. Gotta drink too, and water gets boring.

    I would suggest putting together a collection of spices/seasonings; buy a thing of basil one week, parsley the next, and so on. After a month or two you can start getting fancy for cheap.

    There's my addition to the many sugestions here
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    Rösti - swiss dish with grated potatos fryed in a pan with butter.

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    @heyheni yo i never knew rösti is swiss, thought it was german or something
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    @BindView wow, wow, wow! Look it's like 3.59 over here and the girl on the seat behind me just asked the guy next to her: can we do the rösti thing? So definetly swiss!
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