My father is a Ukrainian parliament member. Before he was a musician and he sent me, my brothers and my mother to the United States.

Every year, the government has been making him greedier and greedier. Every year he wants to spend a little less on us, saying "You sit on your asses all day, stare at your sky and pick your nose, dreaming of a perfect world. You know right that I do not earn that much money!" It is pretty rich of him saying that, considering he earns about $250-300K a year. We take up about a 100K. We were never a problem until up to this year. One of the main reasons why we are in the US is because the education here is cheaper and better. Me, my brothers and my mother are all studying. My father thinks that we just sit doing nothing, picking our noses and spending his cash on "un-needed things." He himself travels around Europe, going to royal parties, meeting with celebrities and maintaining his mansion, while we live in a middle class house here.

Every year he begins spending more while we spend less, and he blames us on his monetary loss. This is scary, because I really do not want to go back to Ukraine, or turn into an American illegal bum. God help me

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    Holy fuck the education is cheaper? Jesus Christ that's honestly the first time I've heard that.

    You literally always hear people bitching about their student loans, most of which are nothing. (I hear people complaining about $25k debt. I've got friends with $250k debt. Also these same people have useless degrees that it's impossible to find a job with.)
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    @jhh2450 it actually is. At least school education.
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    @ribchinski That's insane.

    Let me make sure I'm on the same page: you mean like college education, right?
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    @jhh2450 No, I mean primary and secondary education. Before college.
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    @jhh2450 But, based on the quality of education here, even in college, the schools are technically cheaper here. In Ukraine, a good school that is half as good as MIT would make you pay almost as much.
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    @ribchinski Oh ok. Well nevermind that's a bit more reasonable. There's a lot of international students in colleges here.
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    @ribchinski MIT is overrated in my opinion. If you're just going to get a degree to have a "desk job" as a programmer, then that's overkill. Plenty of more practical options that teach you essentially the same thing.

    If you're looking to do more than just a "desk job" then yea MIT, Standford, etc is understandable
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    Holy shit, first time I have ever heard someone say that education in the U.S is better. I love my country, but as someone that lived in Mexico I can say that the American school system (before college) sets its people up for failure. Schooling in Mexico was awesome, and some universities are fucking outstanding. Here not so much.

    Source: i work at a colleges' it dptmnt, our faculty sucks big camel penis.
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    @AleCx04 The problem with pre-college education is the big schools get all the money and the small ones get shit on.

    A friend of mine had 4 CS classes in high school, and one web dev class. Me? I got "How to use Microsoft products" twice, and one that discussed media types.

    The major schools always have nice and new technology, meanwhile most of the computers at my high school just got to Windows 8 last year.

    The major schools get new textbooks frequently. I used textbooks that are as old as me in Spanish, and my chemistry class didn't even have a full set of books (and what few we did have were fucked up).

    Don't get me wrong, the bigger schools have more students so they have a higher demand financially. But the small schools have to stop getting fucked over at some point.
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    @jhh2450 I live in an area with a really good public high school. It is out of the top 200 in the whole country.
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    @ribchinski That's really good then

    Also, you live off of $100k/yr? That's like twice as much as what many people I know live off of.
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    @jhh2450 We're a big family. Well that's a round up actually, because I am not 100% sure. I know that our hosue rent is 2K a month and that my moms college costs 20K a year. Then the food and everything. More than 50K, but probably less than 100K.
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    @ribchinski Wait shit that came out wrong. I didn't mean that negativily. I had a comment in my head but fucked it up lol now I feel like an ass
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    @jhh2450 Plus, my dad earns about 250K+ a year. In my opinion, 80K+ a year doesn't seem like a huge financial burden.
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    @ribchinski Yea you're right, it's not bad at all. $100k isn't bad. I still have no idea where I was going with the other comment.

    If education is significantly cheaper to the point you're moving across the world, then why should he complain about it? Like, you're saving money and getting a quality education.

    Has anyone said something to address the "elephant in the room" about his lavish lifestyle compared to yours?
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    With the power and money people get from politics they certainly will change. Sorry I hate politicians so hard.

    Besides that, I think the US is well known for its education quality which I believe adds a good value to your CV in case you went looking for job aboard someday.

    Keep your hopes high and Good luck.
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    @jhh2450 he gets angry and says that we do not bring anything to the family and that we’re a huge financial burden staying here, even though math proves him wrong. He says that he will stop giving money to us and will force us to live in Ukraine. At the age of 18 he wants to send me to a military camp and wants me to become part of a government agency.

    I hate the way politicians think.
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    Why not come to Germany? Well, unless your dad is on the "Russian"-Ukrainian side 😁
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    @jhh2450 @iNeed28hPerDay exactly, there are plenty job opportunities for fresh graduates if you go west of Ukraine - you could even get one in Kosice, Slovakia and still be close to your family, just beyond the border. There is also a technical uni in Kosice - well it's not MIT, but I guess it can be preferable to Ukrainian military service. Uni education in Slovakia is free, so you'll only need to cover the cost of living. And the opportunities only expand as you go further to the west (but so does the cost of living)
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    I am ... stunned.

    The average income in Ukraine is around 250$ per month, or 3000$ per year.

    In the US, the average household income is 72000$ per year. That's Gross income. From that, taxes are deduced, so net income is much lower.

    So you sit on 100k per year, tax-free, while your home country is struggling with 3k gross income, while pretty much every other US citizen has to take life into their own hands and pay their own tuition, take up part time jobs, take student loans, etc, and... rant about it?

    Do you even realize that 90% of that money is stolen from the Ukrainian people? (acual yearly income of a member of parliament is around $13k per year)

    I don't get how can you complain while being privileged among the privileged, on stolen money.
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    Hehe in Austria you get education for free.

    Well... "for free" - You pay it with your taxes.
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    My dad once called me parasite, because he thought I would do nothing all day except using up his money, which was obviously not true. 🤷
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    @PonySlaystation well, here he calls us all parasites.
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    @AndSoWeCode alright, I see your point. We weren’t always like this. He became a politician in 2014. Before that, we all had the American dream. But now that he’s a politician, he is very easily triggered and cares not about anyone else’s opinion.
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