So I was thinking.
Everybody here knows sites that mine some currency with your PC for the dev without you knowing (Yeah sure 100% CPU).
Its not cool and they still show Ads on the fucking site.
But now imagine this the site you love the most (except devRant) give you this option:
They will clearly say that they are mining but only 20% of your CPU and for return you will not see ads on the page.
What do you think ?
Let the discussion begin !

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    And if there was a switch Ads or mining you will choose ads just to block them ?
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    I don't need the switch,
    I prefer ads anytime
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    Some torrent sites do something similar. They let you choose if you want them to mine and how much CPU they use.
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    I just block both
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    Excellent idea.

    I think giving users choices / options is always winner.

    There should also be a switch for adverts too. :-)

    Some of us do actually want to buy things sometimes !

    A nice slider option for CPU usage, from 1% to say 99% would be handy.
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    @Nanos Finally somebody who likes the damn idea.
    I think its profitable for user and dev too since dev would earn money and users can continue to watch the page without ads.
    Or if they prefer ads they can do that but i would implement adblocker into it so if they use adblock it will not let them continue reading.
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    Great idea!
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    I've seen places that have two paths you can take, one with adverts, one without.

    Keep it simple is my moto. :-)

    Perhaps you could add a few more paths, for what spare CPU might be used for..

    Not just mining, could also run distributed computing solutions.

    Even ones voted by users, so they might choose a cancer cure, or something to predict the lottery. :-)

    Options, options options !

    Also, a suggestion box, so you can install more options in the future. :-)
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    This was actually the first use of that crypomining site.
    But sadly people started to abuse it
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    This was the original idea: give users the coice to opt-in and control how much of their cpu they'd like to use.
    Unfortunately, there's nothing to deincentivise abusive usage and trying to cram hidden miners on top of ads.
    Hell, there was a recent report of *ads with integrated miners inside showing on youtube*.

    Yet another good idea ruined by shitty humans. Such is life
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    Take the cpu 20% is okay but no ads please
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