Riddle of the day: (Day 1: Let's start easy)
You are in room with 3 switches those switches are connected to light bulbs in room above you.
Switch 1 doesn't light up bulb 1 and so on.
You only have to switch 2 switches.
How do you find out which switch is connected to which light bulb ?
Add SOLUTION before your answer in the comments.
Have fun!

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    I'll label switches S1, S2, S3 for reference in the text.

    Switch ON S1, wait for a few minutes.
    Turn OFF S1 and Turn ON S2.
    Go to the room above, the lit bulb is connected to S2.
    Touch the other 2 bulbs, the warm one is connected to S1 and all thats left is the bulb connected to S3.
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    @byte very good.
    i will post riddles every day and everyday harder and harder
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    Love the idea, and I might try and solve them whenever I get some free time.

    Do post solution of the riddles at the end of day, even if its posted by someone else. This way we can verify if we did it correctly or not.
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    @Floydian looool
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    @Floydian good one took me like 10 seconds to get that original number was 0
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    @Floydian yes
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    Thanks to the way you formulated the riddle, I have an easier solution purely based on logic, that even works with LEDs (not hot).

    Because you said, that Switch 1 (S1) doesn't light up bulb Bulb 1 (B1) and so on, and I only have 3 light Bulbs.

    You said:
    So I switch on S1 and S2.
    Since there are only 3 light bulbs and 2 of them need to be switched on now, either B1 or B2 (or both) needs to be switched on.
    If B1 lights up, S2 is connected to B1, because S1 can't (by your definition) be connected to B1.
    If B2 lights up, S1 needs to be connected to B2.
    So the other Bulb that lights up needs to be connected to the other witch. The Bulb that doesn't light up, is connected to S3.

    But (actually) we don't really know, according to the way you formulated the riddle, because we don't know certain things:
    Are there bulbs connected to multiple switches?
    Are there switches connected to multiple bulbs?
    What is the on-state of a switch?
    Can a switch, that is on, switch of a bulb?
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    @Anaeijon Thinking out of the box like me good maaaan.
    Yeah i formulated it kinda bad.
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