What a coincidence!
Downloading CentOS packages at home from my University's FTP server.

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    Not a coincidence
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    You go to Yuan Ze University? I heard some good things about it. Are you a Tawainese resident, or do you just go there for the degree?
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    @ribchinski I'm Taiwanese.
    I'm curious what things did you hear about it?
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    Really not a coincidence 😂
    University's often host various mirrors, given the fact that he probably lives somewhat near the university and the university and his ISP probably use the same peer it'll win when using some ping rankings
    No coincidence ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ
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    @Kimmax haha thx for details.
    I have graduated for a few years and I'm currently living in another city, although it's close to the city my Uni in.
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    @appleoxxo I heard that it was one of the best business, IT and Electronics schools in Eastern Asia.
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