Just found BerryBoot for Rpi.
Now i can have my favorite Arch and ParrotOS at the Rpi at the same time.

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    Well, I can't figure out why my RPI with berryboot doesn't connect to HDMI. I only get No Signal
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    Just be careful with Berryboot please, it's a super cool little utility but please keep in mind that if something goes fucky and shit doesn't boot...everythibg is fucky, all of your different OSs aren't working and it's a pain to fix (corruption is a bitch). I much prefer buying a few small micro SD cards and physically swapping them as needed for different projects/operating systems.
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    Reflash and start over or maybe there is something physically wrong.
    Cable, input, low power (pi3 NEEDS 5v 2.5Amps)@whatevel
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    @intromatt I run my Pi 3 Model B with 5V 2.1A completely fine.
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    You should use a proper power adapter with your 3. A proper adapter for the 3 puts out 2.5 Amps. @PrivateGER
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