I used to use a pirated, slow, bug full 2007 MS Word for Mac.
Last year I decided to try the open source alternative, that I have used on Ubuntu a few times before, on my mac. I love this application!

The thing is free, and it has all the features MS-Word has. Since I am a poor high school student and I cannot afford MS-Office or Thinkfree (I saw a lot of demonstrations of thinkfree and I kind of want to buy it, but I have no moneys) LibreOffice is perfect for me! I love open source!

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    Man i loved to use libreoffice. Especially entering maths 💖
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    Maybe you shouldn't compare current libreoffice with a 10 year old word version.
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    You got to be shitting me. Your honestly saying MS Office is worse than Libre Office?

    Also, why not continue use the pirated version? Or get an updated pirated version?
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    @Froot yes, its completely ribbush & ribbons.
    Even that chinese copy that hiWeed Linux is so fond of is better.

    // Disclaimer: im silly.
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    @lotd I was about to release the kraken on you but then you said you're silly so it's fine 😄

    Back to your cage kraken, I'm sorry.
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