I was filling up some university entrance exam form for my sister AND THEY SENT THE LOGIN CREDENTIALS IN PLAIN TEXT VIA A FUCKING SMS. The password that I JUST set myself. What the FUCK!

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    That completely ignores the idea of a password to begin with...
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    I really hope this was a sarcastic comment because if you're serious... @Xaldos
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    Why bother censoring it out? Lots of people probably know your password by now :)
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    For credentials, my school uses student ID and birthday date! SUPER SECURITY!

    At least, for the main school website thingy, we can change the password, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they stored it in plain text or just encrypted
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    @Xaldos I know right!

    @AndSoWeCode For the exact same reason every time you lock your house (when you go out/at night before sleeping) even when you know thieves will any how find a way to get in. :)

    @-vim- SAMEEEE! How stupid is that tho?
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    I sure hope they only provide arts courses...
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    Italy’s n. 1 railway company sends you your password on email if you don’t remember it. Plain text password. Over email. No I’m not kidding.
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    They have an engineering college also 😥 @brownirl

    @henrikg oh god! 😧
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    Every day we stray further from God
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    @notroot Yep. What gave it away? :p
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    @notroot Not as difficult to find out though haha. That's cool!
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