Mobile phone and SIM fun..

Phone A, SIM A, can send SMS

Phone A, SIM B, cannot send SMS

Phone B, SIM A, can send SMS

Phone B, SIM B, can send SMS

Both phones can receive SMS, and make and receive phone calls..

Both phones connected to the same and only within range cell tower, which only handles one network.

Both phones only 2G.

Each phone as a different message centre number, as both phones are on different contracts, but from same company, to connect to the same network..

One is an ACL phone, another an OGO.

So, why doesn't the OGO send SMS messages with one particular SIM, but can with the other !

Technical support tell me, we can only send an engineer out when more than 10+ folk complain about it, otherwise we do nothing !

So, is it the phone, or something misconfigured at the cell tower ?

Working solution seems to be, change to using other SIM contract. (Which of course is more expensive..)

Yes, I've tried putting the message centre contact number into the other (OGO) phone, but it doesn't make any difference, and it seems to vanish after a while..

Suggestions welcomed. :-)

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