Have been working on some front-end mock-ups with Bootstrap. Client suddenly required changing framework to Clarity framework, which I never heard of. After some brief googling, I thought I had to redo everything and build with angular too. Almost thought about quitting as I hate angular or any JS framework that much...

Later found out Clarity UI can be installed separately from angular, and it's actually based on Bootstrap, so I don't seem to need to redo anything.

I could never wrap my head around angular or react. The project/folder structure looks completely different, and I've always felt MVC is for back-end. I've hated back-end since the start, and I feel these kind of frameworks are blurring the line between front-end and back-end. That's why I mostly work on informative websites and rarely touched web apps, and none that's JS framework-based. However, this is greatly limiting my career choices.

I'm very good at "traditional" front-end dev. I'm interested in creating fancy animation/effects/interactive elements with JavaScript/jQuery, fiddling with all the plugins/libraries. But my brain freezes when I see "ng-". Don't know how much longer before I'm forced to either pick up those angular/react frameworks, or change career.

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    Thebasic Idea behind react is that the current visible page is a function of the state and any changes start by changing the state.

    Combine that with virtual dom that avoids unnecessary dom changes and rewrites.

    This means that you build the html as if it was recreated from state every time instead of identifying how to modify it.

    This makes it much more easy to not forget to change a thing.

    As long as every part always render from state it just works.

    Think of a list of tasks with a dropdown of all categories to filter.

    If the dropdown is built from the list by pulling all categories and the list is built by looping and filtering.

    If you add a new item to the lost in state both the visible list, the category selection and the counters would automatically get rerendered as state they depend on changes.

    Takes a bit getting used to but I really love it :)
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