Today, I:
jQuery -> vanilla javascript
npm uninstall jquery

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    If you want fast but also want not to write 10 million lines of code, check out w3js, it does what jquery does but with a smaller footprint
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    How significant is the performance improvement?
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    For best performance : mithril.js
    Very light and fast.
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    Ah! JavaScript and its frameworks!!
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    Oh how i loved jq.^^

    It was sick. But now it can safely be seen as a truckload of shit, seen what vanilla is able to do now.
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    @vincetrot I'm ashamed to say it took me a while to get the joke. For a brief moment I thought I had misinterpreted the concept of vanilla javascript. 😅
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    Performance is a double edged sword. Do you mean runtime performance, the thing that doesn't matter until you run into bottlenecks usually created by single functions? Or do you mean developer efficiency, the thing your company pays for and which is business critical most of the time?

    Optimisation almost always comes at a cost. Runtime performance often scales orthogonal to development speed.
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    Fuck that shit.
    Let's call in the heavy artillery.
    I present you Angular
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