Not a rant but ohhh well.
Today I dissolved Fe (iron)into HCl and well result is FeCl + H
Then I had FeCl in solution and I added NaOH to it to make iron hydroxide.
Then I heated it up to make Iron Oxide.
Then I filtered of the liquid.
Now I have FeO2.
Then I melted this and I got pure Iron metal.
This is something I wanted to do for a looooong time.
I did the same with copper but different method.
Also did it with gold but I got that from PCBs and other stuff with gold using very different method.

Its awesome to turn metal into chloride and then back to metal.

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    So you used React to make Rust, which you used to make Iron (Rust web framework)? Didn't know Javascript could be so close to the metal
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    @SSDD this was pretty interesting!
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    @SSDD actually its not that I'm smart its just that actually anybody cando that.
    The chemicals are available to everyone.
    Its just on the person decission.
    Yeah sure its not dev releated but I already said that at the top of the non Rant.
    I can post how I today fucking had to update 40 got repos and how muchi hate it but I just wanted to post this.
    But yeah I will try to post dev stuff mostly.
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    @SSDD Also wtf is wrong if I'm smart ?
    I mean that I had terrible primary school because I did stuff that other kids couldn't understand.
    What the did ?
    Laughted at me, broke my things, hide my things, sometimes punch me after school.
    I once found my backpack at top of teacher WC.
    Why they did that ?
    I don't fucking know.
    I just calculated equations in school.
    In 6 grade I for fun modified E = mc2 for light.
    I knew it was possible and already saw the result but I wanted to do it myself.
    So if you want to be like them go fucking ahead laugh at me.
    I kinda adapted to it after 9 years.
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    @NullIsEvil Haha good one
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    @Haxk20 thanks for this interesting rant ;) sometimes it's good to read stuff with different scopes than dev scope ^^ but as @NullIsEvil said, still quite close to dev world ;)
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    @veakey Finally someone who can see the butty in the non rant :)
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    @Haxk20 not laughing at you. However I’m not pandering to you either, that rant was in my opinion, pretty obnoxious.

    Also I never said there was anything wrong with being smart. Most people on devRant will be, I assume, very smart.

    Most people don’t go out of their way to try and convince everyone of that though.
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    @SSDD it was a bit over-peppered with technical jargon of little value to the conclusion of the post, itself. So I agree... That said, I don't believe it's possible to post on social media without some degree of narcissism and egocentricity being involved. The same could be said of my post, I suppose. Yet still... I... Click... 'post......
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    If you release H radicals is not a good thing :>

    Remember most gases are bi-atomic kids (H2).
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    @Haxk20 Have you tried breaking bad ?!?
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    @notroot of course man watched it all day loooooooong.
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