So after a lot of encouragement of people in my environment, I finally installed Snapchat. But I deleted it the same day. I hated every 10 seconds of it

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    Snapchat, Instagram and the likes are tools of self-indulgement and distraction. You get the maximum capacity of vapid information about people you mostly don't give a shit about.

    I much prefer just talking to people directly (may it be text, voip or face to face) than just putting everything i do online and looking what other people do or pretend to do...
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    Yeah I never understood the appeal of Snapchat. If I post something on the internet I want it to be around for more than 10 seconds, that's why I posted.
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    It’s a shame that you caved in to peer pressure 🙁
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    @SSDD Well, in fact I was like "I can't have an opinion if I never tried it"
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    @DefiniteGoose strictly speaking you can. I have never tried it but I definitely have an opinion on it.

    My opinion having never tried it: it’s just another social media time-sucking-brain-destroying-productivity-killer where arseholes will send me shite memes and selfies of themselves wearing rabbit ears or whatever... all of which I couldn’t possibly give less of a fuck about.

    So what do you think? Having never ever tried Snapchat, hows my opinion shape up to the reality?
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    @SSDD Pretty accurate. In the meantime I requested to delete my account. Snapchat is the worse of the worse. Time for me to detox from all these social media things
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    I used it for an entire immature evening of drawing dicks on things. After that, I used it to hit on immature young hotties. That was before they added filters. It's completely useless now.
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