Home from school. Everytime I get a bad grade this happens.
Mom: "I saw you got a pretty bad grade for French: a 4/10. Do you know what caused that?"
** Windows Troubleshooter is diagnosing the problem **

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    Haha or something like...
    "Why did you get 5/10 points? Would not 6/10 be better"
    *gets more points in the next exam*
    "Why did you get 8/10 points?
    And why not 9 or 10/10 points?"

    "But dad, [...]"
    Him:*lists all my friends xor neighbours kids that are the same age as me who got more points than me*

    Whenever there is a conflict like where I'm better than all of them, it's like...
    "Now, I am better than them."
    Him:"I don't care about them"
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    Sounds soo familiar.

    "But you're smarter than all of them!"
    > Yeah, well, the class is boring AF and it's hard to concentrate or care.

    "But it's important for your future, and while you're under my roof you're going to get straight A's!"
    > Whatever, mom.

    "I better not see you playing games or talking to friends again tonight or you're grounded!"
    > That's code, mom. Games usually aren't all text.

    Sadly, I'd have given a lot to have a life as normal as this. Instead, my things got confiscated, I got screamed at, insulted, hit and kicked and thrown around, had my things broken, ...

    Sigh. 😢
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