Does anyone else have this subtle anxiety about talking to people on the phone? I can talk to people face to face all the time, but for some reason the phone is my mortal enemy. I had to order pizza the other day and I swear calling the pizza place was terrifying for some reason. Maybe I'm associating phone calls with job searching :/

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    I have that too. It's pretty bad to keep postponing calls I have to make.
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    I have the same issue. Specially because I have to speak in my second language. It's hard but I think it's something you can overcome with practice. I'm managing it since I started working in a call center XD
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    To more you do it the easier it gets. Or rather it just that you get more used to the anixety and your baseline of what is bad shifts down a notch, a very tiny notch each time but after a long time it helps.
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