My boss (who knows nothing of programming) loves to assign deadlines that are nearly impossible to meet and then when I approach him with my realistic opinion on it's timespan replies "we will put our heads together and get it done in time, we'll just have to pull together as a team". What the hells this team? I'm the only developer in the office. Who is we?!?

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    @snaz funny thing is I asked him for his over all opinion on the module and he came back 2 days before it's release and told me he wants two additional views with searchable/orderable tables. Views that were never discussed in the original layout! 😂 his opinions are destructive
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    @snaz ya not a chance. He woudnt have a clue
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    Sweet, bullshit, but sweet #teamplay
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    @cmrickels That's the point you're trying to make.
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    I totally see this as well in my day to day, I still try and get their input, but no dice.
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    Ask him how he would be able to deliver a baby in one month.

    If he doesn't know the answer: "put 9 women together and make them put their heads together as a team"
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    @wildebeest I think that's the problem is he doesn't see it as a process or as something that takes delicate piecing together. He honestly has convinced himself that his idea of it is the creative process and that all we have to do is write a little code.
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    @cmrickels that must be tough, and sound like you're not getting the recognition you deserve. I wouldn't be able to cope with that for long...
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    @wildebeest thanks man. I do have an interview elsewhere. It would be a shame though cause they would be out of developers. I'm not indispensable though so..
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