Started web dev classes 2 weeks ago. Starting to regret it. We haven't done any practical work yet, and the theory I already knew 2 years ago. Am I being too negative and impatient ?

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    Realistic** you are being realistic. This is good. Now be patient and see if you can use this to your advantage.
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    @AleCx04 if I don't die of boredom first 😂
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    I started almost 2 months ago... haven't really learned too much. But it's fine. Easy credit (required for my IT degree) and GPA booster.
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    @wokeRoach I designed a website for my mother's buissness last year so I'm far ahead of the other students in my class. When I get home from class I pick up where I left off. I'm pretty sure I can get full marks on all of my assignments if I want to. Definitely going to continue working on my own while the others catch up.
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    The basics are pretty basic but they have to teach it anyway I guess, just keep at it, and get the easy stuff out of the way.

    Web dev, I guess will focus on the front end and the design theories, these are great to know later on in your career.

    This field gets harder by the day with a never ending scope of frameworks, libraries and tools (front end and backend) to keep you moving forward, plus you either make it or cry trying at the end of the day.
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    @C0D4 I look forward to the work getting more complicated. After my 2 years of web is over, I might do MCSD as well. Let's just see if I'll survive the web first. I'm not that into the graphics part although it is fun, I wouldn't want to be stuck doing graphics the rest of my life.
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    @Marsie I would suggest not getting stuck at one side of the development coin.

    Although I’m not a fan of frontend work, I’ll happily do it since this is the side that customers, clients and people in general will recognise your work for, having a history with UI / UX helps me out a lot on that front.
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    > use your spare time to

    Network and get to know people !
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