Someone should make a tinder app for programmers...
Didn’t feel the need till Valentine’s day...😭

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    What about a new tab in devRant for devHangout?
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    Simpler solution:

    "Programmer" "Non-smoker" "UK" "old Female" site:http:///pof.com

    Obviously replace "UK" with country of your choice/etc. :-)

    Now, if only you could search facebook so easily..
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    Yes already have..
    Just goto playstore/appstore and download devRant!
    Heeeee :D
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    @irene well if you are a very strongly believing Christian, it is the memorial of a saint.
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    It would be a platform where one needs to code their own client to participate
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    Somehow I'm reminded about this:

    > Sheldon meets the perfect girl for him
    > , then slams the door in her face
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    It's special in the sense that it forces your eyes open to a fact: you're single
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    devDate! ♥️♥️
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