While I went to remove a rant of mine, I noticed that you can actually subscribe to your own rants 😂

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    Maybe to let us be sure we have at least one subscriber and not feel lonely ?? :p
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    @gitpush naah I'm not that desperate 😅
    On a different note, it would probably be nice to be able to see who subscribed to whom 🤔 kind of like how followers on Facebook and Twitter etc work.
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    @Condor could be, though I don't think will be coming anytime soon :\
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    @Condor feature or bug what do you think (no pun intended)
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    I wanted to tap that 'got it'.. Time to go to bed I guess.
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    @drekhi12 definitely a feature 😛
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    TIL that you can subscribe to ranters!
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    @Christine congrats 😁
    Also subscribed to your rants btw 🤗
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    This was discovered a looong time ago and based on the discussion there, we left it because it provides a nice additional layer of security if you really want it (ability to get notified if someone stole your account and posted a rant) and it has no negative side effects really.
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