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    How many of you are self-taught?
    To the self-taught: what resources did you use? Is it a good idea to download e-books? Or are online courses better?
    I have found some decent books on C++ but I am unsure as to whether you can teach yourself from books

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    Front end - my friend's uncle had like 30 pages of html js and css about 10 years ago
    Python - e-Book, challenge and chat bots
    C and assembly mainly from videos on YouTube
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    Everything in programming self taught its best way to learn
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    Basic pdf courses and then I take on projects I’m not able to do, then I go to SO
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    Fully self taught and I don't bother with books or courses (I'm a cheap bastard, you'll get blood from a stone before you get money from my wallet), usually a quick Google search for "getting started with xyz" is enough, then find some kind of useful thing to build with it.

    Used to be a subscriber to laracasts for php but that's as far as I went paying to learn stuff.

    As an example for a useful thing to build with a new bit of tech; Wanted to learn ASP.NET Core, Needed an API for a new project, decided to build it in dotnet core rather than defaulting to PHP.

    Another example would be continuous integration, Deploying Web apps was boring me to tears especially with how many I've got out in the wild, So I figured out how to use Jenkins to automate the shit out of it. Can barely remember which servers all this stuff sits on now, I just let Jenkins handle it
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    Oh, it depends. Sometimes ocs are better than books. But most of the time I would rather recommend books.

    I personally don't like to read books. I'm too lazy for that. I don't like it to take online courses either, because most of them are bullshit. I'm the try and error guy watching tutorials in video formats on YouTube and discussing about specific topics at related websites.
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    I studied (and finished that) software development but I'm a Linux engineer now. Have been screwing around with Linux (from noob level to managing quite some servers) since I was 15 (nearly 8 years), I taught myself everything I know about Linux/linux servers. Resources: search enginning :)
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    Im self (studied business whatever), for me it was youtube first. Then my first python book was from the head on series (very good). Then more in depth books, but always with a project, so stack overflow and blogs for specific questions.

    Tried udemy, not for me. And dont like the approach of a learning platform where everything is configured so you just start typing.
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    @carlosjpc Are you the founder of bitconnect
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    I'm a 15yo, so self-thought. I used Youtube and a lot of googleing
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    @gitpull no, not in the bitcoin hype
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