Having a hard time deciding whether to get a mechanical keyboard for work or not... Satisfying typing and annoyed coworkers, or shitty apple keyboard cancer...

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    I think there was non cherry mechanical switches (gateron?) that had the same/similar feeling but are less noisy, you should look around for some mechanical keyboard/switches reviews and see for yourself - maybe even go into some shops and try them out.

    Alternatively you could of course just get anything but white/blue/green switches, which are basically silent.
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    @JoshBent my home keyboard has browns, I like the tactile bump. Not a big fan of the linear switches. Might have to put 2 O rings to avoid the bottoming out
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    My coworkers did point out that the boss will now know when I am working or not tho based on the loud clicks :P so consider that also!!
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    @AleCx04 haha that's a good point
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